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Past Mini-Grant Projects

Monroe High School, “Robotics Club”


Monroe High School’s FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Club is reporting on the success of their 2015-2016 season. With the purchase of equipment sponsored by SELCO Community Credit Union, we moved to a communication and control system based on Android and Snapdragon. This gave our team the benefit of high speed processing and use of sensors already designed into the hand-held phones suited for our robot.

Thank you so much for your support of Monroe High Robotics. The kids and I are very appreciative.

Jim Mulanax, Industrial Technology Educator

Scotts Mills Elementary, “Building a Better Story”


What a joy it is for me to respond to what we have done with the SELCO grant! This is my second year receiving the grant and it has changed my writing program and the class's enthusiasm for writing. I used the grant to purchase additional pieces for the Lego Story visualizer program. It is a program that combines Legos, writing, and technology. Kids build a story board out of Legos, take pictures of it, import the pictures into an app, and write the story. Wow! So much engagement! When I say we are going to Lego write, the class goes wild and then it goes into 100% on task behavior as they are absorbed in writing and creating stories. I can’t thank you enough for the grant!

Lisa Garrett, 1st Grade Teacher

River Road Elementary, “Connecting the Farm to School”


Here are a few choice quotes from the field trip to Camas Country Mill. We had lots of fun!

  • “All my favorite foods are made of flour!“
  • “Grinding grain into flour is hard work.“
  • “Are those chocolate chips organic?“
  • “My favorite part was when we smashed the seeds with rocks.“

Taylor Larson, Farm to School Education Coordinator
Willamette Farm and Food Coalition

More Mini-Grant Teachers' Experiences 

“Your generous donation helped get nearly 200 students out into the community for 14 different projects! Our students felt what it was like to be a part of something much larger than themselves. A thousand thank yous for helping this happen!”

Kelly McGhehey, Counselor
North Eugene High School
“Global Youth Service Day”

“I used the grant to purchase part of a new stove for the catering programpart of the hands-on vocational program for students with disabilities. Thank you again for contributing.”

Christine Jesser, Special Education Teacher
Thurston High School
“Nutrition and Food Service Work Experience”

“The students were very excited about the new computers and have loved using them. Thank you again for your award toward improving our classroom technology.”

Cari DenHerder, 3rd Grade Teacher
Philomath Elementary School
"Chrome Books for Reading, Writing, & Technology Skills"

“With the new equipment, my students were able to challenge each other, worth with each other on completing difficult tasks and find new ways in understanding the difference between being cooperative and uncooperative.”

Sierra Kester, Elementary P.E. Teacher
Butte Creek Elementary School
"Teambuilding and Cooperation"

“Please pass along my thanks and gratitude to your Board of Directors and all involved in giving back to schools. It is certainly a long-term investment that our kids deserve and will pay off for each one of them!”

Bill Bechen, Principal
London School
“One School, One Book”