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Online Banking


SELCO's online banking and bill pay system gives you complete real-time control over all your accounts. Manage your money safely from the web anytime, anywhere. See all your finances on one screen, contact customer service via secure messages, transfer funds, view balances and transactions, verify cleared checks, pay your bills, download account history into finance software, and more! Our online banking and bill pay system allows you to manage your money better than ever before! 


How to enroll in online banking

  1. On the left side of the screen, click the "Enroll Now" link.
  2. Enter your six-digit account number and click "Submit". Enter your last name when prompted. This will generate a temporary password, which will be automatically sent to the email address on file for your SELCO account.
  3. On the left side of the screen, use your temporary password and account number to sign into your account.
  4. Create a permanent password.
  5. Read and agree to the disclosure.
  6. Select your security questions and answers.
  7. Sign up for text banking, eStatements and bill pay if you’d like to take advantage of these services.

You are now enrolled in online banking! Once you’re in your account, you can take advantage of services like online transfers, account alerts, Money Manager and more!




Our online banking system and mobile apps have additional security features to protect your account. You’ll be prompted to set up security questions and answers within the system. And, in addition to being challenged with security questions, certain activities and transactions will trigger a security challenge. Complete a security challenge by answering any of the security questions you have set up, or have a one-time password sent to your email address or your mobile phone if you’ve registered for text banking.


Enjoy our user-friendly look and feel. Look for the Gear icons for quick account actions and the Help icons for handy help screens. Plus, you can see a drop down My Profile menu for quick information, settings, and preference changes.

Online Banking Landing Page

Landing Page

My Profile

My Profile

Easy Transfers

Transfers have never been easier. Transfer to other accounts, other institutions, and even other SELCO members faster than ever!


“Quick History” View

View a snapshot of transactions for all your accounts on the same page with “Quick History” view at the bottom of your landing page.

Quick History

Bill Pay

Set up free bill payments directly from your account. Control which bills are paid, the amounts, and when money should be deducted from your account. 

Bill Pay

Browser Requirements

The minimum browser requirements to use SELCO’s Online Banking system are:

You’ll continue to have access to all of the great features you’ve come to enjoy with SELCO’s Online Banking system:

Mobile Phone Authentication
You'll have the option of validating your identity by requesting a message to be sent to your mobile phone. Enter the unique identification number you receive in the message and gain access to your accounts through online banking. (You must have your mobile handset/device enrolled in Text Banking to use this feature.)

View Pending Transactions
Your account summary will show available and account balance, along with any pending transactions. You'll be able to click on pending transactions to see card authorizations, check holds and pending ACH transactions.

Real-Time Stop Payments
You can place a stop payment on a check from within online banking - the stop payment is effective as soon as you click submit.

Transfers to Other Members and Institutions
You'll be able to transfer money to another SELCO members' account. Simply enter the account number and the other members' information and transfer funds. You can also transfer money to and from your accounts at other institutions.

Account Alerts
You can set up alerts to notify you of account activity. Alerts can be sent as either emails or text messages. Set up multiple email addresses or cell phones to receive each alert.

Add Additional Savings and Certificate Accounts
From within online banking, you'll be able to open additional accounts with funds from your existing accounts, or even with funds transferred from another institution.

Retrieve and Reset Passwords
Reset your forgotten password online after answering a few security questions, or reset it by using your mobile phone. Password retrieval and reset will be available 24 hours a day!

Login Record
Review your online banking login history within your account.

Share Name Customization
You can rename your share accounts however you'd like – from "Beach Vacation" to "New Prius" savings account.

Receive Attachments from SELCO
We will be able to send attachments to you directly through online banking secure messages.

And More!



Quicken Users

Your Quicken downloads may change in the new online banking and bill pay system. Click here to view instructions on converting your account.


Security Tips

There are security procedures that you can follow with your home computer to ensure a safe online banking experience.  As an online banking customer, you play an important role in protecting your account information. View the SELCO Online Banking Safety document below for tips on how to keep your information secure.

SELCO Online Banking Safety Awareness and Education


Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view SELCO's Online Banking frequently asked questions.