January 2018

Schedule an Appointment with Our New Tool

Need to meet with us? Our site's recently been upgraded with an easy-to-use scheduler. Find "Schedule an Appointment" in the footer of any page and let us know what time and place works best and what you want to talk about.

Alerts, Tips, and FAQs About Your Security

That’s not all that’s new at Our new Security Center includes warnings about known scams, advice for staying safe, and next steps if your account is compromised.

Coming Soon to West Bend

Introducing the newest branch in SELCO’s family: West Bend! It’s a new approach to a credit union, with 24/7 indoor ATMs, video conferencing with specialists, and an open layout instead of teller windows. Mark your calendar for the open house on February 2!

How Students Can Keep Money in Their Pockets

In the moment, it can be hard to tell the difference between what you need and what you want. That's the beauty of having a budget to fall back on.

Everyone Needs an Emergency Fund (Yes, You Too)

When you're healthy and insured, it's hard to imagine you'd ever need an emergency fund. But that thinking can get you into hot water.

November 2017

Learn to Do New Things with Online Banking

Our new "How To" section features a growing list of click-through tutorials on everything from automatic alerts to paying bills.

Tips to Control Holiday Spending

You like to take risks when investing, but your partner wants to play it safe. Where to start when coming up with a plan?

Be Aware of Free Trial Offers

Sometimes “free” isn’t all that free, which can come as a real shock if you find an unexpected charge on your account.

How Long Does It Take to Double an Investment?

The exact math behind long-term investment growth can get complicated. Luckily, there’s a shortcut to making a pretty good estimate.

September 2017

For a Limited Time, Get a Special 4-Year Certificate

Guarantee your savings growth with a 1.85% APY* on new 4-year certificates.

Our Mini-Grants Aren't So 'Mini' Anymore

Every year, we award grants to K-12 educators to fund creative learning projects. This year, our grants have a new name, bigger award amounts, and a new way to share your innovative ideas.

Smart Speakers Answer Your SELCO Questions

Own an Amazon Echo, Dot, or Show? Download the SELCO Skill for voice-activated access to branch hours, up-to-date rates, and other handy information.

6 Essential Tips for Renting an Apartment in College

Living on your own can be equally intimidating and exciting. Don't be afraid to ask questions!

Which Mortgage Type Is Best for You?

Naturally, you pick the mortgage with the lowest rate... right? Turns out it's not that simple.

July 2017

Welcome to the New

If you haven't seen it yet, we've made some big changes to our website and online banking. Check out our simplified navigation, prominently placed rates, quick link icons, and much more.

Homeowners Can Put Equity to Work with a HELOC

A home is likely the largest investment most of us will make. Learn how to protect that investment by leveraging your home's value.

Finding a Balance While Investing

You like to take risks when investing, but your partner wants to play it safe. Where to start when coming up with a plan?

How Can I Boost My Credit Score?

We've talked about credit before, but what practical steps can you take to get and keep a high score? Credit Squirrel returns to explain.

May 2017

What's Your #GoodLifeGoal?

Whether it's starting a family, getting an education, or seeing the world, each of us defines our own goals for a good life. Share yours to be entered into a monthly drawing for $100 (and maybe even featured in one of our ads)!

Congratulations to Our 2017 Scholarship Winners

These 20 exceptional high school seniors will receive $1,500 toward education expenses.

Consider Your Options Before Taking on Home Improvements

The arrival of spring means the start of renovations, landscaping, and other big projects around the house. What's the best way to finance these?

Is It Better to Buy or Lease Your Car?

Payment plan questions to ask yourself (and the dealer) when shopping for that new car ... or spaceship.