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Unique User IDs

Make sure to create yours by June 22.

To ensure your accounts are as safe as possible, we’re making a change to how you access mobile and online banking. Starting June 22, you’ll sign in with a unique user ID instead of your member number.

Don’t wait until June 22—if you do, additional steps will be required. Please note: If you have more than one account, you’ll need to create a unique user ID for each one.


You’re just a few steps away.

In mobile banking:

  1. Click the Add/Edit User ID tile on the home screen.
  2. Complete the verification step.
  3. Enter and re-enter your new user ID.

In online banking:

  1. After logging in, you'll be prompted to change your user ID.
  2. Enter and re-enter your new user ID.

Once you’ve successfully created your user ID, you’ll see a “Success!” screen and receive a confirmation email. You’ll need to enter your user ID the next time you sign in, but from then on, you’ll be able to log in as you normally would.


  • Begin with a letter.
  • Include at least 1 number.
  • Contain 6-15 characters (no symbols or special characters, please.) Note: User IDs are not case-sensitive.
  • Be unique (no two memberships can have the same user ID).
  • Not include personal data, such as your Social Security number, mailing address, or birth date.
  • Not match your password.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my user ID be used to access both online and mobile banking?

Yes! Your user ID will work for both mobile and online banking. But make sure to keep track of your member number for account verification and other uses.

Can I change my user ID in the future?


In mobile banking: Select the “Add/Edit User ID” tile from the home screen.

In online banking: Click the "My Profile" icon in the upper-right corner, then select "Change User ID."

What if I forget my user ID?

Simply click "Forgot User ID" on the online banking login screen (or “Forgot Username” in the mobile app). You'll be asked to verify your account, after which your user ID will be sent to the email address associated with the primary account holder.

Do I need to create a user ID for each of my accounts?

If you have multiple accounts, a unique user ID will need to be created for each one.

Find more answers in our complete FAQs 


Solo le quedan unos pasos.

Por banca móvil:

  1. Seleccione Add/Edit User ID en la pantalla de inicio.
  2. Termine el paso de verificación.
  3. Ingrese y reingresé su ID de usuario nuevo.

Por banca en línea:

  1. Después de entrar a su cuenta, se le pedirá que cambie su ID de usuario. 
  2. Ingresé y reingresé su ID de usuario nuevo.

Una vez haya creado su ID de usuario con éxito, vera “Success!” en la pantalla y recibirá un correo electrónico de confirmación. De ahora en adelante, tendrá que utilizar su ID de usuario, en vez de su número de miembro, para ingresar a su cuenta.

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