It’s a Money Thing

Jen doesn’t always make the best financial decisions, but through the intervention of her bizarre supporting cast of a talking squirrel, a cat-loving security specialist, anthropomorphic credit cards, and many more, she’ll get answers to all the money questions she (and you) never thought to ask.

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squirrel in a visor

#8. What Goes Into a Credit Score?

Your credit score has a huge impact on your financial life, but how is it calculated? An adorable squirrel in a tiny visor explains the basics.

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A hand holding a Savings tarot-style card

#7. You Don’t Have to See the Future to Budget for It

The confusingly named “budget fortune teller,” costs more than Jen expected. Turns out she can’t really see the future, apart from the need for savings and the inevitability of an emergency, but c’mon, that applies to EVERYbody.

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smiling debit card

#6. Is it Better to Pay with Credit or Debit Cards?

At the cash register, Jen can't make up her mind about how to pay. All of her cards are clamoring to be swiped, so she tries to hear them out one by one. Which card should be used?

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#5. How Bad Habits Can Lead to Identity Theft

Jen's a little weirded out by the surveillance cameras everywhere, but they catch the dozens of times every day her personal information could be targeted by identity thieves.

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#4. What Type of Money Personality Are You?

Jen and Lucy have taken a deep dive into a procrastinators’ paradise—clickbait personality quizzes—when they stumble across a new one involving money, bad habits, and birds.

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An old-timey cartoon cat

#3. How Insurance Works

Jen dusts off an old-timey video reel in her basement and finds herself surprisingly entranced by its thorough examination of the ins and outs of insurance. And that retro animation is pretty sharp, right?

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Joy, a grocery store checkout clerk

#2. How to Save on Groceries Without Settling for Less

Jen hits up Sunshine Mart for her weekly grocery run, but Joy has a somewhat passive aggressive lesson for her on smarter shopping.

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A piggy bank

#1. The Financial Bachelorette

Jen’s looking for a long-term financial relationship and signed up for a game show to make her decision. Will she choose the approachable credit union, the overbearing bank, or the eerily taciturn piggy bank?

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