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Prepping for the Eclipse

Tips for fun and safety on August 21.

The total solar eclipse is fast approaching, and though the event itself will last only about two minutes, the influx of visitors to areas in the “path of totality” will impact local communities and businesses for days before and after. Heard about the eclipse and are wondering, What’s all the fuss? Consider that the last total eclipse visible in Oregon was in 1979 … and the next won’t happen until 2108. 

With some cities expected to double or triple in size for the event, here are a few tips for staying safe and having fun (whether you’re planning on traveling for a better view or setting out lawn chairs in the backyard).

Be prepared for traffic

It’s best to keep travel to a minimum, but if you must be on the roads, make sure to give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Public parking will likely be limited, so keep this in mind as well.

Have cash on hand

If you know you’ll need cash this weekend, take it out beforehand. While many local businesses in the affected areas will be closed August 21, SELCO branches will remain open. But remember, if you’re looking to conduct regular transactions, like checking your balance or transferring funds, you have 24/7 access to your accounts through mobile and online banking.

Think of the eclipse as an excuse to get your shopping done early.

Deter crime

With increased crowds comes more opportunities for crime. Make sure your bikes are locked, valuables in cars are hidden from view, and to bring only what you need when you’re out and about.

Stock up

This means gas, water, food (human and pet), sunscreen, and those all-important eclipse viewing glasses (sunglasses alone won’t provide enough protection). And don’t forget to refill your prescriptions in case transportation issues delay pharmacy deliveries. Think of the eclipse as an excuse to get your shopping done early.

Read up

Many public parks have put together plans for creating a safe viewing environment. Whatever your destination, make sure to research the site’s rules and recommendations for a safe and comfortable experience.

Clean up

To make sure public areas remain open for future once-in-a-lifetime events, remember to leave with everything you brought in.


For more prep and day-of-travel tips, visit If you’re visiting from another part of the state or beyond, welcome! Have a fun and safe viewing.

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