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Adulting 101

Free banking, budgeting, and credit seminars for teens and their parents/guardians.

In a world of endless choices, it can be challenging for those who have little to no financial experience to navigate their options. SELCO’s Adulting 101 3-part series explores the concepts of banking, budgeting, and credit, empowering teens to utilize financial knowledge and know-how to their benefit.

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Upcoming Topics 

Coins falling into a piggy bank 

Adulting 101: Banking in the Real World

Banking in the Real World explores the concepts of banking, information security, interest, and compound interest. Participants will learn about the differences between banks, credit unions, and accounts; discover the benefits and services financial institutions provide; and learn how to protect themselves from scammers through a handful of games and activities.

Writing a dollar sign in a notebook 

Adulting 101: Good Cents Budgeting

Good Cents Budgeting explores the subjects of money management and budgeting, focusing on the primary components of how to create and maintain a budget. Participants will learn about different types of income, how to budget for expenses, and how to set both short-term and long-term financial goals to keep your budget relevant.

Hands exchanging a credit card 

Adulting 101: Credit and You

Credit and You explores the relationship between credit and your financial life. Participants will learn what credit is, how to utilize it effectively, and different ways to establish and monitor credit through a handful of activities and games.