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SELCO App Update Brings Even More Capabilities

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If you already use SELCO’s mobile banking app, you’re undoubtedly aware of the convenience it offers as you sign in with a fingerprint to deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, or send money to anyone with a few taps.

We listen to and value your feedback as it helps us prioritize enhancements to make our app even more useful. And our newest app release has fresh features for everyone—whether you’re an avid mobile banking user or have yet to discover the convenience of banking anytime, anywhere.

Here’s what our latest update, now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, offers:

  • Quick View. The new Quick View provides a view of recent transactions without logging into the app. To turn on Quick View, click “Settings,” “Quick View Settings,” then “Enable.” After opening the app each time, you’ll simply select an account to view your transactions. For your security, be sure to use a passcode or enable a fingerprint lock screen for your device.
  • Multi-account access. If you manage multiple accounts along with your personal SELCO account, this feature makes doing so easier. Once you gain access to other SELCO accounts, you can toggle between them within the app without logging out of and into each one. Previously available only through online banking, this functionality is now included in the mobile banking app. Learn more about linking accounts and enabling this feature.
  • Improved routing and account number display. Can’t remember your full SELCO account number, or where to find the routing number? A link titled “Routing & Acct Number” on the main menu now provides those details at the tap of a finger.
  • Secure messaging. Via a link from the main menu, or from the envelope icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the app, you can now send us a secure message from your mobile device. When we’ve sent you a secure message, you’ll see an alert on the taskbar.
  • Mobile push notifications. Through the Notifications link in the main menu, you can manage alerts that appear on your device. Push notifications—for deposits and withdrawals, and giving you a head’s up when loan payments are due—show even when you’re logged out of the app.

Mobile app features

The new version of SELCO Mobile Banking was released on December 17 so if your mobile device is set to automatically update, you’re probably already enjoying these new features. If not, you can manually update on your Apple or Android device, or learn more about the SELCO Mobile Banking App and get started today!


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