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Thanks for your interest in a SELCO Scholarship. Please review the Scholarship Guidelines before submitting your application. In addition to contact information and a brief essay, we also ask for:

  1. One letter of recommendation.
  2. One copy of your most recent transcript.
  3. One high-quality photo of yourself (for example, your senior photo).

You can upload these to your online application, or you can send them separately by mail or email. All materials must arrive by Tuesday, March 31 at [email protected] or at the following address: 

SELCO Community Credit Union

ATTN: Scholarships

1050 High Street

Eugene, OR 97401

Scholarship recipients will be notified by mail.

When finished, please double-check for spelling errors, as this form does not have a built-in spellcheck.

If you have any technical difficulties when submitting the form, please email the information below to [email protected].

Applicant Information

Member Information

Only SELCO members or immediate family members of SELCO members are eligible for scholarships. Tell us your or your immediate family member’s SELCO account information below.

High School Information

College/University Information

Which two- or four-year college or university do you plan to attend this fall?


Max. 500 words


List all relevant extracurricular and volunteer activities you’ve participated in while attending high school (max. 10 entries per category). If you need additional space, please use the Additional Information field at the bottom of the Required Documents section.

Student activities or sports (clubs, teams, etc.)

Leadership or academic excellence (student gov't, awards, etc.)

Community involvement or employment (volunteerism, jobs, internships)

Required Documents

Complete applications must include one letter of recommendation, one copy of your most recent transcript, and one high-quality or professional photo of yourself. If you plan to mail or email any of these items, please check the box below. Documents must be received by Tuesday, March 31 at [email protected] or at the following address:

SELCO Community Credit Union
ATTN: Scholarships
1050 High Street
Eugene, OR 97401

Your application will not be considered if supporting documents are not received.

(Please use .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png files only. Other files types will not be accepted.)

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I hereby authorize SELCO Community Credit Union to use my name, likeness, or statements in any marketing and promotional materials produced by the credit union or its subsidiaries, affiliates, or contracted agencies.


By typing your name in the boxes below, you agree that this constitutes a legal signature.

Please review your application for accuracy before submitting.

Note that applications (especially those with larger file attachments) may take a minute to process. Please do not refresh the page or hit the back arrow until you see a message saying your submission is complete.