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Money Management InternationalYou don’t have to navigate the financial wilderness alone. As a SELCO member, you can receive free financial counseling to help you manage your credit, reduce your debt, and make smart decisions about your future.

We partner with Money Management International, the nation’s largest full-service, nonprofit credit counseling organization, to provide you with immediate financial information and advice—all at no cost to you. These professional financial counselors can help you:

Improve your credit.

Gain a deeper understanding of your monetary situation, develop a budget, and create a roadmap to financial success with one-on-one assistance from a certified credit counselor. Schedule a face-to-face financial counseling session in Eugene, Albany, or Bend, or contact a counselor online or by phone to receive personalized help around the clock.

Manage your debt.

Dig your way out of debt with a Debt Management Plan. When appropriate, your credit counselor will work with creditors on your behalf to lower your interest rates, reduce your monthly payments, waive late fees, and eliminate collection calls—potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest and fees. Most participants pay a monthly fee for this service, but our partnership with Money Management International allows you and your immediate family to participate for free.

Raise your financial IQ.

Learn how to take charge of your financial health with a vast library of educational tools, including articles, videos, downloadable podcasts, eBooks, and worksheets.

The educators at MMI have been providing financial education covering topics such as debt management, credit reports and scores, budgeting and money management since 1958.