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Kids' Accounts


Join the club!

Got $6? Then you’re ready to start saving. It only costs $1 to join, and the other $5 are saved in your new account. Bring an adult to any branch and sign up today!

Play the saving game.

You put your money in a savings account. You watch it grow. You pick a goal—something really special. Then save until you make it happen.

That’s how the saving game works, and you can play too. Our kids’ savings account will even earn you prizes. If you’re age 12 or under and live in our community, you can join the Safari Savers Kids’ Club and start saving your money now. You’ll get:

  • A safari sticker each time you put money in.
  • A punch card to track your deposits. Fill it up and win a prize!
  • A savings book where you can watch your money grow.
  • An official Safari Savers membership ID card.

In the Safari Savers Kids' Club, you’ll learn lots of important things—like how to manage your money just like grown-ups do.


Win prizes!

Make deposits into your savings account and earn free prizes. Bring your punch card with you every time to get:

  • One punch for each deposit of $10 or more.
  • Up to one punch per day.
  • A small prize when you rack up 8 punches.
  • A bigger prize when you fill up your card.

Remember: Your deposit doesn’t count if it’s transferred from another SELCO account or withdrawn the same day.