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March 24, 2017


car keys on a stack of cash

Auto Insurance Rates Increasing? You're Not Alone

Over the past five years, the auto insurance industry has seen a slow but steady increase in cost. What's causing it? 

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stressed man looking at paper

Payment Protection: Insurance against Financial Hardship

Payment Protection is the simplest safeguard for your loans in the event of a life-altering change. 

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Tim Bangert

Ask an Agent: Tim Bangert

Insurance Sales Producer Tim Bangert speaks with us about his background and which factors you can control to lower your car insurance premiums.

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September 1, 2016


Scene of an accident

The 8 Things to Do Right After a Car Accident

Accidents happen. But no matter how minor or severe, there's a universal checklist for how to best ensure everyone’s safety, collect information, and contact the people who need to know.

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a gavel on a pile of cash

Umbrella Insurance Can Keep You from Getting Soaked by a Lawsuit

Excess liability coverage isn’t just for the super-wealthy! Learn how this valuable form of extra protection can keep your finances secure if you’re found liable for damages.

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Alicia Williams

Ask an Agent: Alicia Williams

SELCO Bilingual Insurance Specialist Alicia Williams tells us about working with the Hispanic commmunity in Eugene/Springfield, the advantages of purchasing through an agent, and advice for those overwhelmed by the insurance process.

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March 1, 2016


Protect Your Home from Frozen Pipes

When the temperature drops, there’s no greater risk to your home than frozen pipes. Even a small crack can cause major damage. We’ve put together some tips for protecting your home despite the winter weather.

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Ask an Agent

Navigating the insurance world can be a challenge. At SELCO Insurance Services, we don’t expect anyone to be experts but us, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience to make your way forward easier. This issue, we asked Nick Bloxham, Vice President of SELCO Insurance Services, to answer a few of the questions we hear most often. Read what Nick had to say, or ask a question of your own, here.

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