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About SELCO - Why Choose SELCO?


Make the right choice.

Your choices make a difference—not only to you, but to the world. Where you keep your money, for example, affects nearly every aspect of your life. It can also influence whether your community thrives.

It’s a big decision, and you have countless options. So why pick SELCO Community Credit Union over the rest? Easy.


You own us.

Becoming a SELCO member makes you an owner of our cooperative. This entitles you to certain privileges. For starters, we treat you like family and never stop looking for ways to save you time and money. You also help choose our leadership, which gives you a say in our future.

You’ll enjoy unrivaled customer service.

Unlike a big bank, we’re invested in serving your needs. Consumers report more satisfaction with credit unions than any other financial institution thanks to our better rates, lower fees, member resources, and personal service.

We’ll make taking care of finances easy.

With 24/7 online access to your accounts, you can manage your money from anywhere in the world. We’ll also arm you with tools to help grow your wealth.

You’ll get more back.

Since we don’t pay dividends to outside investors, we’re not driven by profits. In fact, we’re a not-for-profit consumer collective, which means everything we make gets returned to our members in the form of better loan terms and a higher return on deposits.

We care about our community. 

As a not-for-profit consumer cooperative, we rely on a healthy community for success so we put a lot into making that happen. Our commitment isn’t to stockholders—it’s to you.


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